Thursday, January 16, 2014


Kolkata is a culturally rich, intelligent, and growing economy. There are several political hitches that you get to read about in the newspapers. However, with a little push, with some dynamic people coming back to Kolkata, and with some vision for Kolkata, ours is a rapidly growing city. Gone are the days when people would be relaxed about work. Work culture has changed. People are ready to patiently bear the traffic congestion caused by the growing metro stations. Anyway the people of this city are going to benefit from the metro once it is up and running all over the city.

Sector 5 in Kolkata is the most happening place. All the big projects that are coming from abroad to the various software houses in sector-5, is good news for Kolkata. There are several new buildings seen in sector-5, the IT hub of Kolkata. Infrastructure is growing, roads, bridges, metro extension, and the looks of Kolkata are changing. This has brought in much workforce from the other states to come and work here.

The population is also growing. With this is the need for health care facilities in the city. The number of hospitals has increased in the past few years. Emergency services are quite functional in these hospitals. The need for good medical equipment for blood tests, pathological tests, and X-rays is growing. You can now walk into a hospital and get all your health investigations done. There are medical centres for complete medical tests. Employees are asked to take pre medical examinations at these medical centres before they are going for new employment. Only on being found medically fit will these employees be allowed to join the new job.

For a heart surgery you no longer need to travel outside of Kolkata. There are specialized heart treatment hospitals in Kolkata now. You can go through the entire process of heart surgery in one of these hospitals in Kolkata. For a knee cap replacement you no longer require running to Chennai. Knee replacement packages are available and you can choose to have your surgery here in Kolkata. Heart specialists, neurologists, oncologists, and paediatrics are in great numbers here in Kolkata. They are all working towards health care improvement and providing the best health care for all the people in Kolkata.

Now is Kolkata prepared for so much infrastructure support, does it have specialized manpower, and do the people have the the right attitude? Many doctors from abroad have returned to India and set up their own practises here in Kolkata. There is enough opportunity for the doctors now in India and they are also contributing to the economic growth of the city. People now have to start thinking ahead in Kolkata. They have to come out of their adda (gossip) culture and get to work to improve Kolkata. Improvement in living conditions, health care, medical facilities, and airports will make life much more enjoyable in Kolkata. Attractions like the Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, Birla Planetarium Kolkata, and Indian Museum make Kolkata a destination for tourists.


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